The best mattress (in a box),
is made in Australia.

Big statement, sure, but when it comes to making mattresses, we focus on the big 4,

Innovation, Sustainability, Performance & Wellbeing

It all starts by choosing and developing the best quality materials and that’s exactly what we do.

Here’s how…

It starts with our Premium Helix Support System

In conjunction with Health Professionals & Engineers we have designed a Triple Tempered Multi-Zone pocket spring foundation, that is stronger and lasts longer than any other.

From the placement of the zoning to the heavy gauge BHP steel we use, that’s right, we make the springs, our Helix system is made to provide you the best support for a lifetime.

The Importers?

They either use twice tempered imported steel springs or a mostly inferior foam foundation with no springs.

Next, we use only the best VPF Open Cell Technology Foams.

Using only Australian made advanced technology comfort and support foam layers, we are able produce a mattress that compares with products retailers sell at over $4000. Using the best means you are better supported and more comfortable, night after night, you’ll wake up feeling better rested thanks to better thermoregulation and optimal pressure relief.

The Importers?

Predominately use much cheaper, lower quality foams made overseas, that may feel good for a while, but will not stand the test of time.

To top it all off

We choose to use Australian Merino Wool for our mattress covers because Natural is Better.

What it’s really good at is helping keep your body at a stable temperature. When it’s cold outside, the natural crimps and bends in its fibers trap air, insulating you. When it’s warm outside, it transports sweat quickly away from the skin, helping to keep you cool and dry.

Australian Merino Wool is a fantastic renewable resource.

The Importers?

Often cover their mattresses in man made fibers with additives to replicate the benefits of wool, creating an unnecessary, larger carbon footprint.

More Comfort Options, Your Mattress, Your Choice.

Cause we make the mattresses ourselves from locally made and sourced materials, we don’t run out of stock and can easily make to order and ship within 2 days.

What this means is we can offer you more options.

When you first buy your Oasis mattress you have a choice of Firm, Medium & Plush.


You may choose a, my side, your side option Firm/Medium, Firm/Plush, Medium/Plush.

But wait there’s more …

Thanks to our Free Comfort exchange, you can not only swap to one of the options above, but also Super Firm or Ultra Plush.

We make it right here, skip the middle-man and save you money.

We develop and distribute our products directly from our factory in Melbourne. We cut non-valuable costs (middle-man) for our customers, resulting in a better quality product for the price.

The Importers?

Manufacture usually in China using foreign sourced materials, spend crazy amounts of money on advertising and gimmicks. This leads to fewer jobs and less money in our economy, cheaper materials used to make the mattress and an increased carbon footprint.

Hi! You’re speaking with a Local

When you contact us by Live Chat, Phone or Email you’re talking with the Manufacturer.

Our Melbourne based customer service team know mattresses and are fully trained in all things from the premium materials we use to how they are manufactured in fact they are situated at the factory. We don’t just talk the talk we walk the walk.

The Importers?

Hey they are great at talking the talk, ask them how a spring is made or what type of steel they use, you may be surprised by the answer or lack thereof.

How do we compare with others?

Amazing comfort, unrivaled quality and genuine old-fashioned service. Our range of premium Australian-made mattresses are perfect for everybody and their individual sleep style

The Oasis Mattress

Relax, Rest, Recover

Experience the ultimate experience in relaxation, rest and recovery, with the best mattress Australia ever made.